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Full Version: "Unknown location"
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Hey guys im having trubble with a "unknown location." I tried replacing the text in my functions_online.php file but it didn't work. It was working a month before but i don't know what happened. Also, my server is up to date. Thanks in advance!
i have a shoutbox mod installed, and i know when users "pop it out" and view it, it says "unknown location". what i mean is, when i view their profiles, it says "unknown location" for where they are. maybe it's something like that.
Is this all locations or just some...??
all locations, the website is if it helps! thanks again!
Your gonna be denied support, im afraid. Undecided

The MyBB group offers support under the conditions of our Support Eligibility policy. It is apparent that one or more of your forums do not meet the conditions of our policy and therefore you are ineligible for support. This could be because of adult, piracy or hacking related content or because your forum does not display the minimum “Powered by MyBB” notice.

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