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Full Version: Edit Board Message Page (Dev Help)
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Alright, well I've been slowly adding PHP includes for my header and footer in to my forum to display the same header and footer as my website. I am doing this by editing the forum files and not them files by the way. I got all of them updated. Took quite a bit of code to update.

Anyways I ran in to one section of my board that I can not figure out where it's located with the eval() output_page setting and that's the Board Message.

For example I don't want guests to see my board but I want to display the "You are either not logged in or do not have permission to view this page. This could be because one of the following reasons: " page with my header and footer that I had no problem with adding to the other templates.

What forum template/file is this under?
If you want guests to be unable to view your board, you have to remove their permissions from every category so they can't see them.

If you want it to display a message to the guest, the best I can recommend is a plugin. It would be something that displays news to just the guest usergroup...
Thanks for the suggestion Derek but that doesn't solve my problem. I think you misunderstood my question or I didn't properly explain it. I don't want to change what the page says I want to know which file I can edit to apply my include header/footer.

It has to be somewhere even though when it displays it says index.php but I already went through that entire page and can not find where this page is outputted. Any other suggestions? Possibly from a dev?
I also forgot to mention I am following what this guy did:
Just bumping this since it's got 3 views since moving from page 2.
Oh, right! So, you want to add PHP code into your header/footer or do you want to make your header/footer design work with your website?

Apologies for not understanding correctly, once I know this I'll be able to help. Smile
I want to take my header/footer from my website which has php code in it and I want to place it above and below my forum respectively. However I have already managed to do so by going the hard route of adding my included within the main files of my forum. This was done by putting my include above and below every eval() output_page setting on each forum file.

Now my only PROBLEM is locating where the Board Message page is located. You know where it asks you to log in and displays a message if you do not have sufficient privileges to access the board/forum/thread. If there still is confusion I can show a screen shot. I just need someone to tell me exactly which file this action is outputted.

For reference the link above is the method I'm using to accomplish this over a plugin in which those seem to have limited abilities.
Oh, I understand! Once my control panel comes back online I'll search around and see what I get. Smile
Thanks Derek, I appreciate it! Smile
No problem.
is your website "existing" with current member logins and such or are you just now adding member support via the forums?

if the latter, it is much easier to make the forum header/footer match your existing site then integrate your site into MyBB and use the forum member system to manage users and logins.
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