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Full Version: Corrupted(?) php files
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I just downloaded my forum files, and now see there's a problem with all my php files.

There's a blank line below every code line.

Maybe wrong encoding?


That's mangled DOS/MAC newlines... can be caused by a bad editor, or even ftp clients. If possible, ftp transfers for php files should be in ascii mode, that fixes the newlines depending on the client / host system you're transferring to. It won't fix already broken files though so you'll just have to redownload the original package from or something.

I used WinSCP first time. So, maybe that's the problem.
(I use notepad++ and CoreFTP normally.)

Ok, i reupload all things.

Ok, i uploaded all the mybb files, all plugin files. Something what i forgotten?
So... I uploaded all the mybb files, all plugin files. Something what i forgotten?

Javascript files come to mind... oh right, you said mybb files, not PHP files, my bad sorry. Custom language packs maybe. And maybe .htaccess, robots.txt and inc/config.php
Ok. The config.php are not broken. That's interesting...
config.php is written to by the installer so that wouldn't be affected, the double lines would be due to an editor/unzipping/ftp client as explained above.
Ok, but this is not a new site, that's why i don't understand, why just the config.php are correct.
As I just said, the other files could have been broken by a text editor, or by uploading/FTPing them, but config.php is written to by the installer, so cannot be affected in the same way as the other files.

Let's just say the double lines were caused when the files were uploaded via FTP. config.php is not uploaded via FTP, it doesn't even exist in the main download, it is written to by the installer, but all the other files were uploaded via FTP, so they had double lines. config.php was not uploaded via FTP, so does not have double lines.
Opps... Sorry.

I downloaded and uploaded my BACKUP, so not the fresh mybb files.

Maybe mybb regenerated the config file?