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Full Version: Delete/Disable this screen
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Hello. How can I delete the screen that comes up after you login to a forum e.g this one where it says:

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You have successfully been logged in.
You will now be taken back to where you came from.
Click here if you don't want to wait any longer.

How can I make it so that it doesn't show up?
in the ACP settings, search for "friendly redirects" and disable them there if you want to turn them off for everyone, otherwise in your UserCP disable friendly redirects in the Edit Options to turn them of just for you
Why would you need to disable that? It is there for about 5 seconds.
I'm using it as validation for my program and it is giving me problems.
pavemans suggestion worked Big Grin
i like to call those "Not So Friendly REDIRECTS".

or in other words, the cause of my psychotic breaks.

i can't stand them either. i remove them, turn them off, burn them at the stake, lol. Big Grin