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Full Version: Selling/Trading Ad Spots
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Here's what's available.
250+ unique visitors per day. (11,000 in the last month)

Available spots:
Header (guests only) - 728x90, 300x100, 468,60
Price: Offer me

In-line posts (guests only) - 468x60, 300x100
Price: Offer me

Sidebar (all members) - 125x125 or smaller.
Price: Offer me

Footer guests & standard users) - 88x31
Price: Offer me

I guarantee my site will not go down, your money wont be wasted.
No .GIF's
Payment via Alertpay or Moneybookers (AP accept bank payments, no account required).

Additional: Paypal is possible, maybe.
I am also looking to trade ads with sites similar to my stats.
Paypal is now an option.
Also looking to trade ads.
Would you be willing to trade ads with a webserver forum?
Show me Analytics data, it must resemble mine.
Ill be adding analytics in the next couple of days, never mind, just remembered your forum, way more active.
How about trading with ?
Analytics data too please.
I'll pm you then when I get homeWink.
I was surprised to see Rune Gear had surprisingly similar traffic stats. How would you feel about advertising there?
Stats in pictures please.
Also, past 24 stats show I've had 100 more than you did, that's quite significant over time.
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