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Whats the best way to upload themes in C-Panel? All of the themes I upload end up missing the images and other stuff. I know there is a way other than Ftp isn't there?
This forum is for MyBB support not CPanel.
If you would like support/help with your CPanel please go to the CPanel website

Joke Toungue

Maybe one of these can help you or
No help.
(2010-12-04, 01:26 PM)Azrael Wrote: [ -> ]No help.

Better go to the CPanel website and ask for help.
Btw do you own a server?
No. Got no use for one. And even if I did I would not know how to use it.
Personally I would suggest you to paste all your "theme" images and files in a .zip file , and then upload the .zip archive to the root of your forum and "extract" it from there. But in this case, you've to take care of your directory structure. e.g. ./images/theme_folder/ will go to ./ ROOT of your forum, so that after extraction, your theme_folder will go inside the ./images/ directory.
Say what?
(2010-12-04, 03:05 PM)Azrael Wrote: [ -> ]Say what?

He got the wrong end of the stick, he thinks you are on about mybb themes. Toungue
What the hell! I give up!
Upload them to the proper location perhaps?
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