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Full Version: adding a page to the usercp
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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this.
I'd like to add a extra section to the ucp, I run a labrador forum and would like a section in the ucp where they can add all sorts of details about their labs.
I'm aware of the custom profile fields but i'd rather have it on a seperate page within the ucp.
I would then like to either add a dropdown to the users postbit that lists the details as entered in to the ucp or a link in postbit to go direct to the page that contains the details.
any one give any ideas on how i can do this, i know simple html/css so templates and such should not be an issue but i'd be screwed on any php that may be needed.
Maybe take a gander through MySupport's code, it adds a few pages to the UCP. I can't help otherwise Toungue
Thanks maybe i'll take a look later i'll maybe download it and maybe matt might be able to assist if he sees the request.
It needs a plugin. If I've some free time I'll try to code it. Wink
(2010-12-05, 09:24 AM)Yaldaram Wrote: [ -> ]It needs a plugin. If I've some free time I'll try to code it. Wink

Thanks again how big a plugin would it be.
This would be a big plugin IMO and requires separate templates to be used for UserCP and then call them to evaluate. This requires approx. 500+ lines of code.
Could it not be done with a edit to the existing usercp.php file and add in some custom templates. and obviously would need a few db queries i guess to store the info entered and maybe some extra fields in the db.
If you think you can do it then have a go but just realising how much work it would take it's not really that important just thought it would be a nice feature for my users.