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Full Version: Looking for some usergroup images to be created/modified for a forum... [FREE]
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I'd like some usergroup images to be created with the following;
Support, Senior Support, Marketing and Management.

Icons would be nice as well. Toungue

Any help with this is greatly appreciated and it is for for anyone who's interested.
Has this been done already?
Nope lol go ahead if you wanna do it Smile
Similar to the MyBB ones?
Whichever goes best with the theme at Toungue
How about these:
[Image: demo.png]

Font/Back colours can be changed to your liking Smile

i cant find the right font
ok nvm my last post
have a go jonathan Smile
He might choose yours Wink
I can't now, something is wrong with my PS.
Ok, I don't like mine, I'm gonna redo them with a new font.

@Kieran: shoul I use the same styles as the ones on tikolah currently?
[Image: user-member.png]
Revised version:
[Image: demo2.png]
PS: You can pay me in cookies Wink
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