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Full Version: forum announcements views
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why dont the forum announcements display the views stats?
Just because it doesn't.

You can add something like this to the portal_announcement template if you want to show views:
{$lang->latest_threads_views} {$announcement['views']}
thanks ajs
i tried adding the {$announcement['views']} from the above code to the
<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}" width="2%"><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/{$folder}.gif" alt=""/></td>
<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}" width="2%">&nbsp;</td>
<td class="{$bgcolor}">
    <a href="{$announcement['announcementlink']}"{$new_class}>{$announcement['subject']}</a>
    <div class="author smalltext">By: {$announcement['profilelink']}</div>
<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}">-</td>
<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}">{$announcement['views']}</td>
<td class="{$bgcolor}" style="white-space: nowrap; text-align: right"><span class="smalltext">{$postdate} {$posttime}</span></td>
but it is not displaying anything.

<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}">{$announcement['views']}</td>

when we add forum announcements above the important or normal threads in forum display view, the forum announcements replies and views are being displayed as "-" and "-". as no one can reply to the announcements, its odd to have the replies counter and for views it must have the counter as we will come to know how many are checking the forum announcements.
any update please
It doesn't store the number of views, you'll need a plugin.
can anyone make a plugin for this as it will give us a track on how many have read the announcement and we can take necessary precautions to make them follow the announcements
(12-11-2010, 10:16 AM)MattRogowski Wrote: [ -> ]It doesn't store the number of views, you'll need a plugin.

Oops, ProPortal must add this then - :s
portal announcements are the grabbed posts from the forums and as posts have views, they are also being displayed in proportal i think.
i'm little bit confused when you gave the first reply, ajs Smile
atleast, can we call the announcement name in title bar?
when we click a announcement, it says "announcement" in title bar and not displaying the announcement specific name.
ex: rules
announcement - rules in title bar
any update
You need a plugin, please post a request in Request forum.
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