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Full Version: Ads on VPS Hosting Forum $4/11,000 impressions
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The ad will be on and I will host the image for you. Size can be up to 728x90.

I do not allow:
adult content
anything illegal in the US

Affiliate/referral links are OK. Send me a PM if you want to buy an ad.
How will you track the impressions? If users repeatedly refresh the page, will the impressions count rise?

Thanks for the information.
I'm using and I think it will count refreshes of the page.
Hmmmm sorry, I'm not interested then. 11,000 impressions for $4 is an expensive price, especially as one user could accumulate a lot of the impressions themselves.
Its a nice offer. Wish I could have a website Toungue
Impressions increased to 16,000 for the same price.