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No image resize plugin seems to work, so is there a way to do this? I use to use the Shadowbox plugin with version 1.4 in which I absolutely loved. However, it's not compatible with 1.6. The only thing I can do now is change my settings for "post" to where my pictures are either thumbnails, full size images, or downloads. But, some of the images that members have posted in the past are so big that they upset the formatting of the forum. I downloaded and activated several plugins; however, none of them seem to work. The ones I have tried are:
  • nCode Image Resizer
  • Image Resizer & Optimizer with GD
  • Fit on Page

Though I have seen a post regarding the 2nd one I tried as that person could not get it to work either.

So, could there be some kind of coding that is over-riding these plugins? If not, is there a code that I could use to limit the size of pictures? Right now, I have my settings on thumbnail size. However, that seems a bit inconvenient to be taken to a new window to see the picture in full view.
Fit on page by - G33K - works perfectly for me. Smile

here are some plugins:

also remember to change the plugin compatibility.
That's great that it works for you, but I was looking for help to the problem I listed above. Your reply does NOT help me. Sad

(12-11-2010, 11:20 PM)blake Wrote: [ -> ]Fit on page by - G33K - works perfectly for me. Smile

Thanks for the thread topic. I will read it more thoroughly. However, I did notice that the dates to the posts and replies are from the old version of mybb, so I don't know how much help it will give me. Confused

Also, you'll notice in my original post here, I have listed and already tried out 3 different plugins that are compatible to version 1.6. The first one you listed is on my list that does NOT work. The second you listed is a couple of years old and was only compatible to version 1.2. Sad

(12-12-2010, 12:28 AM)Dark Byte Wrote: [ -> ]Topic:

here are some plugins:

also remember to change the plugin compatibility.

Ive got one that works , but its for subscribers only.

Take a look at it if you wish :
Is there anyone else out there who knows how I can get my pictures resized to a decent size within my posts. The version I am using is 1.6, and I've detailed out the problem in my original post here. Thanks! Smile
Ive replied above just as you replied , you may have missed it.
Thanks, Janota! I'm heading for brunch, but I will surely check it out when I get back. Does it cost to subscribe?
Yes it does
You can try this one, if you wish.
Check for previews at the very bottom!
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