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Full Version: stand-alone forums
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I notice that MyBB supports standalone forums (forums that aren't in any category) but, out of curiosity, how will those work now that you have templates with each forum being in its own table? Will adding a standalone forum break the board, or have you worked around it?
They will show a header bar (Forum / Threads / Posts) etc as per usual as not to break the layout of the forums.

I'm looking for solutions on improving it too if you have any.

Its similar to whats happening here:
To be honest, I like how it's done on PhpBB.

Maybe it wouldn't be QUITE like that but if something could be tweaked so it almost has a "Windows XP collapsable menu" feel to it? (If I'm describing that correctly?)
If you look you can see on the right side the + - buttons to collapse and expand.