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Full Version: Remember Me Login...
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I have upgraded to version 1.6. I understand that the "Remember Me" check box is automatic with this new version. However, I have kept my old theme and do not wish to change for just the "Remember Me" check box at login. Is there a code that I can use to add this to my current theme for the login box? And, where would I add it?
If you haven't made any other changes to it, revert the header_welcomeblock_guest template to default it'll add it in.

If you're using a 1.4 theme on a 1.6 forum though, none of the front end 1.6 features are going to be showing, there's various templates you'll need to revert to default to get them to show up.
Matt... will anything else be affected if I revert the header_welcomeblock_guest template to default?

Regarding my 1.4 theme, how can I know which ones are not working with 1.6 features?