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Full Version: Footer Link
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I added a 'sharethis' type array of buttons into my 'footer', put the scripts in the head as well, checked it and it seemed to work, but it only seems to show up on the front page of my forum..not any other pages? I placed it in the footer template so how do I get it to show up in all the forums/pages?
ACP > Templates > Header Templates > header
If you added it correctly in the Header/Footer templates, it should show on all pages of your forum.
It's showing up on the home page (forum front page) but not any others. I double checked and the script is in the footer where I want it. I was told to put the second part of the script anywhere into the page but recommended between the <head> I placed that portion in the Index Page Templates > index between the <head> tags..will this work?
Put the other part in Ungrouped Templates >> headerinclude
OK I figured it out, index wasn't the right place to put it..and the header template was. I was looking for the <head> tags and that's the only place I found them but now it works after I just dropped in the script anywhere in the header template. Thanks you guys!