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Full Version: WANT TO BUY: Pet or Animal Forums
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I am looking to buy active pet and animal related forums that have organic posts (no auto-generated or paid posts, please).
Please PM me if you are interested in selling.
I can help start from scratch and we can advertise and partner with local pet adoption communities to jump start the forum.
Been there... It's a lot more time and money than just advertising and partnering.
Still interested in established pet or animal forums. Please PM me and we'll talk.
You never seemed to have much look last time you asked so why ask again.
I did have some luck. AJ and I talked a great deal about actually.
but you never got the forum
Not every deal works out in the end
tippity top
This thread is going to get locked..... I can hook ya up with a killer deal to start one up if interested.
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