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Full Version: [Free] Domain
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This is a domain I had for a website dedicated to Gmod Roleplay, the server got ddos'd to death so someone can have this if they want it.

- You can't be some random person with 1 post thats all I ask. You must be "known" on the communtiy.
Bah, screw it I'll just post it for free on namecheap.
Are you giving it up because of the attack or you are not interested in that type or RP anymore?
I know someone who could be interested in this, give me a day please.
I'm giving it up because of the attack, we closed the server because of it. Also I'll give youy a day mark, don't worry.
That sucks, did you find an ip from the attack?
Yes hes in Las Vegas. He was botnetting us.
Wow that sucks Jessie.
No they said they wouldn't want it, as they now have a minecraft server and aren't RPing as of anymore.
Could I take the domain, if possible.
Sure, whats your namecheap account?
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