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Full Version: How can I do this.
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Ok, I am going to merge 3 sites and make on site.
We gonna have 3 what if the userid of members are same.
Suppose, we have forum "A", it will have some members...suppose 5, and other forum "B", suppose it has 5 the userid of member 1 of A will be equal to userid of member 1 in forum what will happen..will the merge system allocate other userids ?

BTW, all the 3 are MYBB forums.
I guess by default, it will take user id as:-
and so on...

but than still this is weird to calculate.
lol...moreover.. are you guys are having the same database username and password and same localhost IP.

If it is than I guess it will take as above.. If database are not same than even if you merge you will find few things not working. Most probably.

I am waiting for suuporter answer too. Let see what they have to say.

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