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Full Version: Members post problem
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One of our members keeps reporting that his post goes missing he also said that "It always seems to happen at the bottom of a page, when you press 'Post Reply' instead of that happening you are returned to page one."

He also reports that sometimes the post do not show until he makes another post. But he has reported some post after pressing reply disappears and never shows? 2 other members experiencing the same problem only he has reported this problem, apart from that no other member has reported the same problem.

The thread concerned is a large one over 1200 post, i have done a complete page test on this thread with a turn over of the page to the next page recently and all worked fine, i cannot see why this is happening to him any ideas?

We have a fresh install (not an upgrade) of version 1.6 and been using it for quite a few months without any problems.This has only started happening within the last few weeks and no new plugin's has been installed to cause this problem, because this is only recent i wonder if it is a problem his end or the size of the thread causing the problem for him or if you have any ideas.

I have checked in the admin cp and no threads of his has been deleted so do not know why some of his post goes missing.

Most likely he either doesn't have JavaScript enabled in his browser or the page times out before it can submit the post.
Thanks for reply will get him to check his settings.