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Full Version: Buying Custom Theme
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Hello all,

I have a budget, although I won't post it here. I am looking for someone to make me something close to this theme:

I would like it to be a mix of that and Justin's Apart Flame. Somewhere in between the two Big Grin

Let me know how long it would take you and your estimated price via pm.

Also previous works would be nice.

Here is my forum:
You can contact eagle designs for purchasing that theme too:
I PMed him about a week ago and haven't heard back about purchasing that style.
Yea I did that too about two weeks back. I really would like that theme, if not will have to go with custom.
What is it about that specific theme that you want it so bad?
It's an overall awesome theme.
I can help you out. PM me.
Well for one thing it is red. I need a red and black theme and there aren't many out there. Plus the quality and look of the theme isn't matched by many. Also I love rounded themes.
Position has been filled.