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Full Version: Is it possible to link mybb with facebook?
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QUESTION: Is there a way to use an RSS Feed to post on a MyBB Forum? I use RSS Graffiti on Facebook with great satisfation. Looking for an app, plug-in or program that can be configured to transfer content using an xml url directly to post in specific topic forums using MyBB. Any ideas?

James HallHuh

Thanks for that link. I have the general posts from MyBB posting on Facebook and Twitter. My next objective is to see if there is a way to post on a specific Topic on MyBB from a RSS feed from another forum (not MyBB).

I use RSS Graffiti to post on Facebook from MyBB. Looking for an app, plug-in or program that will do the reverse using a RSS xml or a Feedburner java code that could be used within MyBB.

I'm not a webmaster so I try to avoid making changes that are over my head.

Latest challenge is that I cannot install the upgrade from 1.6 to 1.61. The zip file opens but find no way to install (no exe file)

As you can see, learning MyBB is a day by day experience.



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