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Full Version: Having trouble installing on
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Ok hi ive been having problems installing mybb 1.6.1 on

So i install all files then i try to got link and google says whoops that didnt go well try again!

And ive looked on youtube but no videos help!

So if anyone can help it would mean alot to me

Did you follow the steps: ?
Name of your forum.
give some screenshots.
What is the exact error.
(12-16-2010, 09:07 PM)Yaldaram Wrote: [ -> ]Did you follow the steps: ?

Yea i uploaded to site in control panel but i goto the link and i do

What is the exact error..
and name your forum too..
google says whoops that didnt go well try again!


You dont have index page...make it first and than you have not installed MYBB.

PM Me will install MYBB for you..
and this is your forum which needs to be installed, by putting "/install" in the end
The board has not been installed, you've to re-instal it again.
(12-16-2010, 09:16 PM)AJS Wrote: [ -> ]

whenever itry it it didnt work you must be magic
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