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Full Version: Good Forum Name
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What is a good forum name i need a new one as my domain just expired the users have voted the following 57 Votes 96 Votes 1236 Votes 69 Votes 963 Votes

Please post below some that i could take is still available

but seriously, if users have voted already why not go by that, besides by posting the names here you risk they will be taken by tomorrow
I like the last 3 domains.
What kind of forum?

Generally, you'd want your forum name to be relevant to your forums topics.
a forum for general disucussions and genereal misc computer talk
Go with what your users think. Keep them happy.
(12-20-2010, 03:33 AM)UndiscoveredTalent Wrote: [ -> ]Go with what your users think. Keep them happy.

The users you have yet to find are just as important as the users you already have.
Unless you have already registered it, and are already taken Smile