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Full Version: Looking For ANY MyBB Themes
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Hello everyone. I have opened a MyBB free hosting system, as you may have seen posted around. On the support forum, we have a section which we would like to fill with themes,

We would like to make it easy for our users to install themes, so I'm looking for people who have themes and would be willing to allow me to add them to our database. I will upload the images, and add the advertisement code, so the users don't have to worry about doing that if they're inexperienced with html or any coding for that matter.

If you are willing to allow me to post your theme, I will include a few thumbnails of it, host the images, and upload the xml in the post. You can also post a link to your website and/or sample forum if you'd like.

Just make sure hte license permits redistribution, since you sorta are.
(12-19-2010, 11:49 PM)Mark.M Wrote: [ -> ]

Just make sure hte license permits redistribution, since you sorta are.

I grabbed a couple from there, but I thought maybe it would be easier to just ask here. A lot of them say not to redistribute. I even emailed the one person to ask permission and he said No, so I figured just asking here would get a few without needing to check every single one. I will probably go through and grab a few more though when I get a chance.
The accord series you can with the copyright. CMSBB, Apart, Block and Blue, etc. Most good ones do, they like the linkbacks.