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Full Version: Posting for Money
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So, I thought I'd post around for people should they wish to pay me.

I am mostly looking for a resource or a design forum.

I'm not sure about the prices but I can do: $1 for 50 posts.

I'd be happy to have you do 50 posts at

Register now and post an introduction thread, and you can complete the rest of the posts in 1-2 days once I've started promoting the site and got a couple of members. Smile
I'm given a Locked out message.
Really? Toungue

Please paste the message you're getting to me in a PM so I can sort it, thanks.
Quote:Sorry, You are Locked from accessing this website. If you feel this is an error, then please Contact to the admin.
Should be fine now. Smile You might be blocked if you're using a proxy.
Alertpay or Moneybookers?
More like Paypal. Sorry Sad
Although I might do it in return for advertising.
Alright, take a look at my site and offer.
Lets say 50 posts for a week of advertising.
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