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Full Version: ATTENTION: All New Web Site Owners
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Everyone whos starting a site might find our new site useful, its for new site runners. And also as a favour as it is also a new site Big Grin
Hey, willow, it's not letting me log in. It might be this computer but I just thought I'd let you know in case it was a bug.
that's because of the masked domain (

it wont work even if you change the cookie domain and path ( i guess).

if you visit the actuall address which is it will work
hmm thats weird, i realy wish the cash would hurry up and transfer so i can grab the domain, but yeah use that url and if it dont work try registering another account so you can contact me a bit easier, i will take a look at your account tight now and see what the lowdown is.
yay got the domain a while ago now lol enjoy