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Full Version: Just upgraded
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i just upgraded and im having troble with plugins and theme everything i put up its out of order and everything
You're going to have to elaborate on this a bit, what do you mean it's out of order?? Can we have a URL?? What version did you upgrade from??

screen shot of my master sheet error im getting
Have you uploaded the ./admin/index.php file?
yes but this upgrade completely messed up my forum do we need this update if not im going back coz everytime theirs a update nothing works and i seem to always have to find a new theme and new plugins i might just switch to another software idk this is annoying
I suspect you are not Uploading the files completely.

From which version you are upgradng with, awww ?
well i uploaded all the files again and i didn't see the error again that wasn't the problem i was having i havin a problem that my theme doesn't work anymore everything is out of wack when i activate the sidebar plugin and also some of my plugins dont work anymore seems i have to do this every time mybb upgrades which is stupid
Have you still got the error or not?
Upgrades work just fine for the vast majority of people...

Seeing as we've asked you twice which version you've upgrade from and you've not answered, I'll assume you're upgrading from 1.4, in which case plugins and themes will not work straight away, themes will needs edits and plugins will need at minimum the compatibility changing. If your plugins don't work after you upgrade, that's nothing we can do anything about as we didn't write these plugins.
no i dont have the error that wasnt why i was im having troble with the theme and plugins When upgrading from 1.6.0, you will not lose any custom themes, plugins or language packs which you may have installed. and i did lose theme coz none of em work neither do my themes
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