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Full Version: Guest IP:
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Bots aren't recognized by IP. they are recognized by there useragents.
I found - so i extended my session to store the ip & user agent in an textfile. need to check it later.
It could quite possibly be the Google AdSense bot - one which we've added support for in the next version.
It was online today - so here is the data:

ip / useragent Mediapartners-Google/2.1

Yep, Google AdSense bot.

We've changde the agent detection in 1.2 to match plain "google" instead of "googlebot".

Here is the bot list from 1.2, straight from class_session.php
var $bots = array(
"google" => "GoogleBot",
"lycos" => "",
"ask jeeves" => "Ask Jeeves",
"[email protected]" => "Hot Bot",
"whatuseek" => "What You Seek",
"is_archiver" => "",
"scooter" => "Altavista",
"fast-webcrawler" => "AlltheWeb",
"" => "Grub Client",
"turnitinbot" => "",
"msnbot" => "MSN Search",
"yahoo" => "Yahoo! Slurp"

When will 1.2 be avaliable?
In a couple of months, when it's ready Smile
what an old thread! but contain some nice information