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Full Version: I Installed MYBB Publisher, but I need help.
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I was wondering, what is the "TWITTER Access Token Secret" so I can post on twitter. They never gave me that, the only gave me the "Consumer Key", "Consumer Secret", and the "Access Token". The dev thing they had never gave me "Token Secret". How do I manage to get it?

Thanks for your help.
the access token and secret values are specific to your account and can be found on the twitter dev site on the right side when veiwing your app where it says access token
All right, I got that concept. Thanks

I'm currently having another issue though.

When I post in a category I chose to publish, I get this error
Quote:exception 'EpiTwitterException' in Stack trace: #0 EpiTwitterException::raise(Object(EpiCurlManager), false) #1 EpiTwitterJson->__get('response') #2 EpiTwitter->request('GET', '/account/verify...', NULL) #3 EpiTwitter->get('/account/verify...') #4 mybbpublisher_tw_post_update(Array) #5 mybbpublisher_newthread(Object(PostDataHandler)) #6 pluginSystem->run_hooks_by_ref('mybbpublisher_n...', Array) #7 PostDataHandler->insert_thread('datahandler_pos...', Object(PostDataHandler)) #8 {main}

I took off my website info and replaced it with website/server, but I was wondering what does this info I keep getting mean?
you need to make sure that all your settings are correct in the ACP for the plugin. Make sure that you have not missed anything and that you have the correct token/key/etc in the correct setting location.

Allright, I checked everything and the only thing that I am unsure of is the "callback url". What should I put on there on Twitter. I think this is what is messing up. I placed the correct tokens and keys in their correct sections.
the callback URL is just a link to your website, it just needs to be the same domain as your forum is on.