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Full Version: Testing the word computerَ
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Is it just me or does 'computerَ' appear in a different font then the rest of the thread title?
It's you
Is it?

Tell me you don't see a font difference here:

[Image: untitled18.png]
Not on iPhone.
I get that with Google Chrome. But yeah, no on Safari/iTouch.
Yeah, I see it on Chrome.

That's odd o_O
There's an apostrophy next to it. i tried to remove it in my reply, but it wont let me. I can't move the cursor past the word Computer
It's because that guy was using some special characters I presume Smile
(2011-01-01, 04:50 AM)Scoutie44 Wrote: [ -> ]Not on iPhone.
Look at the title scoutie Wink
Yeah I was wondering about this too lol.

Pretty weird. Toungue
Same font in Windows, firefox.
That "apostrophe" is apart of the r. You used a special character for r.
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