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Full Version: Simple Wordpress Theme To MyBB Theme?
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Hello, i need a little help, i need the theme that is on my site ( to also be converted into a MyBB theme, all i need is the header, i don't need the sidebars and such, but i do want the navigation and the categories. I also have no money to convert it, so if someone could do it for free it would be really appreciated. The wordpress theme files are available for download here. In exchange i will place a link to your site, or post on forum or whatever. Please post if you can help.
I can do it.
@cohen: The guy's a scammer, be warned.
Ya, i wouldn't do anything for this guy.
(01-03-2011, 12:02 PM)Shukaku Wrote: [ -> ]@cohen: The guy's a scammer, be warned.

I don't see how you can be scammed when you're not getting paid.
That's not nice. I don't think you deserve it. Even if people do it for free.
Nobobdy asked you.
I'll do it for $10 (I normally charge $15). Paypal only and $5 upfront.
No, i said free.
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