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Full Version: top and bottom gradients
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I'm attempting to make a template by modifying the default one. I'm wanting a gradient at the top and bottom of the page, but when I attempt to do something like this url(images/image...) top left repeat-x bottom left repeat x or any variation, it takes away the entire page color and just leaves the gradient, or it just doesn't show up at all...

Here's the link, remember lol, its my first try, literally.

Could anyone help me out?
Try something like this:

background: yourColor url('yourImage') imagePositioning;

By putting both the color code and the image url it will use both with the image on top (I do that all the time with gradients, and sometimes with PNGs that I design to have multiple color possibilities).
not quite the outcome i was hoping for, but its ok, i decided not to worry about it :p

I'm just going to try other ideas instead. Thanks