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Full Version: [Help] IBP Pro Bug in Postbit Classic Layout
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IPB Pro Skin has a minor bug In classicpostbit Layout. The very first post of every Thread looks weird.

I asked this question to IPB Pro theme creator but the problem did not solved.

He already said he can't fix it.
i can't see anything wrong
Actually, it looks fine to me.
There's like a 2px gap in between them, and I really doubt it would look better without it..
I am curious why no one is getting my point.

The First Row which include ( AUTHOR | MESSAGE). There is no need for this row. << How to Delete This Row?

Oh, well when you circle the entire thing in red and tell us the first post looks weird, there's all sorts of confusion that can be drawn.

Anyways, to fix it, remove the following from the showthread template:
(2011-01-05, 09:20 PM)Scoutie44 Wrote: [ -> ]remove the following from the showthread template:

Scoutie44, You are great...!! Heart

I want to ask you a couple of other things if you can tell me please.

1) Group Image "Administrator" etc is showing below Avatar, Can i change it to just above Avator?

2) Member details (Number of Posts & Joined date) are showing inside a box, Can I remove the box only?

Sir, I will be thankful to you. Shy