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Full Version: customizing help desired for a modest fee
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Looking for help with simplifying a MyBB (and possibly WebCalendar) installation. The purpose is to disable or make non-visible many of the features that aren't needed (buddy system, private messages, etc.) to an extent greater than possible on the configuration settings screens.

It would involve editing the relevant files, commenting out several unwanted features and adjusting surrounding code if needed (for example, to preserve valid table structure).

About the site: It's a personal site that I run for my local community to announce activities and discuss community issues. It is strictly noncommercial -- no sales, no advertising, no fees, no dues, no donations, no income.

I can't afford to hire a professional to do this. I'm hoping that some capable amateur with under-the-hood familiarity with MyBB can do this in a couple of hours for $50 (via PayPal, check, or credit card).

[email protected]

To be honest, you don't need to edit the core files to restrict things. All you have to do is some template edits along with configuring the plugin called My Permissions.
Thanks. Yes, the various setting screens can restrict many functions and prevent the display of many of them too. That could be carried further by commenting out some display elements in the MyBB or template CSS files. But I'm looking for something more.

What's needed is a stripped-down version with many of the (nice) bells and whistles removed. All that's needed is to read threads and reply to them. There's no use for buddies, reputations, posting stats, avatars, profiles, etc. It has to be easy and nonintimidating for computer novices.

For example, on the index page main table(s) of categories and forums, just the titles are wanted. Let's get rid of (or make invisible) such columns as Threads, Posts, and Last Post info.

That's the kind of extreme simplicity that's needed.

Plan to use MyBB 1.61 and probably the MyCure theme.
Im interested, drop me a PM telling me what you want removing Smile
(01-08-2011, 06:03 PM)Tom K. Wrote: [ -> ]Im interested, drop me a PM telling me what you want removing :)

Thanks for the reply. I hope to have a list of extactly what changes are wanted ina few days. My apology for not doing that before my initial post here.

Then I'll see if (a) the changes are so easy that it would be silly to bother others to do them, (b) it involves more than an hour or two of work which in fairness others could not be expected to do within my budget, or © it's somewhere between in which case we go ahead.

ok sure Smile