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Full Version: Plugin Developer
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Hey everyone,

I usually do $9/hour but it may vary if I decide to apply a discount.

I do not accept all kinds of projects, complex plugins are usually higher priority compared to simple plugins, so if I get two proposals at the same time, one complex and one simple, the complex one will be taken - I do not tend to accept plenty of proposals either, so if you get a No, don't be surprised (I tend to have at least 2 projects in hands at the same time).

I do not have a portfolio, I've coded many plugins as well as other software (not for MyBB), feel free to drop me a PM if you have any questions.

You can see some of my plugins on my website, on the releases forum here or in the mods site.

If you wish to get a list of plugins I've developed for other clients, you can drop me a PM.

Thank you.