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Full Version: Make me a logo!
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I need a logo made for ASAP!

Paying $2 via PayPal to the first decent one I get. Thanks!
Hi, what colors should it be and what size?
236x40 and fit the theme at
Any particular font you need or anything will do that looks nice?
Just something that looks cool.
[Image: logo.png] I could change the font if you want, i just haven't downloaded any new ones lately.
Decided to give it a go. I can do more if you like. In the end, I'll provide a fully documented psd, with various sizes, etc. Smile
Jon, that looks alright, but the colour AdminTalk is in is a little light.

Faviouz, that looks really dull and boring.
This better [Image: logo-1.png] also it looks light on a white background, if you see on a darker background, it looks better.
Looks alright. Send me your PayPal address.
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