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Full Version: Error/Board Message >What plugin changes bread crumbs?
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What could be causing my bread crumbs to show ERROR instead of BOARD MESSAGE for certain screens? It does it when there are no new messages and even when a member registers. As you can see in the screen caps below...the messages are correct, I just have the wrong bread crumb!

How can I fix this?

$l['error'] = "Error";

Change to:
$l['error'] = "Board Message";
I looked there also, no is already set to "Board Message"
Then you probably are using any plugin. Are you..?
(01-08-2011, 09:18 AM)Yaldaram Wrote: [ -> ]Then you probably are using any plugin. Are you..?

I have lots of plugins...can anyone think of one that might mess with board error message bread crumbs?
It says error if an error is encountered.
(01-08-2011, 01:40 PM)Shukaku Wrote: [ -> ]It says error if an error is encountered.

Yes, but it is saying ERROR when there is no can be confusing to my members, especially new members...when they complete the registration, they get a screen that says to check for the validation PM but the bread crumb says ERROR. Every other board says BOARD MESSAGE.
What plugins do you have?

And on what page is it showing "Error" instead of "Board Message"?
(01-08-2011, 06:20 PM)AJS Wrote: [ -> ]What plugins do you have?

And on what page is it showing "Error" instead of "Board Message"?

I have a ton of plugins...List below...

The main issue is that the ERROR bread crumb shows after a new member registers and the message says to check for the validation email. It also shows ERROR when you mark all forums read and then click view new posts. There are screen shots in my first post.

Quote:Registration Checkboxes Plugin (1.2)

Admin Security Enhancements (1.02)

Ad Randomizer system (5.0.2)

Ajax PM Notification (1.8.1)

Akismet (1.2.1)

Auto Media (1.1.7)

Footer Chatbar (1.1)

Create New Threads from the Index (1.0)

Default Avatar (1.0)

Donation Page (1.1)

Easy Affiliates (1.5)

ezGallery Lite (1.0.8)

Favicon (1.1)

Favorite Threads (2.0)

Fresh Fish Attachments Gallery (1.1)

Fit on Page (2.3)

Google Analytics (1.5)

Group Notice (1.0)

Google SEO (1.1.13)

Grouped Subforums (1.0)

UserGroup Legend On Index (1.1)

User CP Dropdown Menu (1.0)

HTML Permissions (2.0)

Its My Birthday! (2.0)

Guest Notice (1.0)

Subscription Page (1.0)

Last Post Icon (1.0)

Latest Reputations on UserCP Home (1.0)

Last Visitors in Profile (1.1)

Message Bar (0.1)

My Ad Manager (1.1.5)

My Awards (1.3)

My Advertisements (1.8)

MySubscriptions (0.1)

Page Manager (1.5)

Postbit Dropdown Menu (1.0)

Profile Comments (0.6.0)

Profile Picture (1.0)

ProStats (1.7.5)

Quick Theme! (1.1.2)

Registration Notice (1.1)

Registration Security Question (1.1)

Report Post to a Forum (1.0)

Settings Cleaner (2.0)

Site Notice (1.2)

Stop forum spam (1.0)

Thread Tooltip Preview (1.32)

Tinypic On MyBB (1.1)

Trash Can Forum (2.0)

User Information Bar (1.0)

Usermap (1.1)

Welcome PM (1.0)

Sends a PM to new users welcoming them to the forum.

Extra Safety Check While Registering (2.0)

XThreads (1.337)

XThreads Link Directory (1.0)
ProStates should be turned off, it creates a lot of queries and overhead.
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