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Full Version: Use Wordpress Login For MyBB
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Okay I know this is already possible because it works at my site:

I am using ccforum, a Wordpress Plugin. Basically, ccForum automatically installs a version of myBB that is logged into through Wordpress. I like this a lot. However, I don't like how MyBB loads inside of WordPress in this plugin. I want to have a WordPress and a MyBB separately installed. I want MyBB to still login through WordPress but I need it to be seperate from Wordpress because with ccforum I cannot properly install plugins or export skins.
Welcome to MyBB forums bengregg,
I've seen this plugin twice now and can never 'bother' to go beyond this part:
(from the 'read me')
...This section provides a quick overview of MyBB files that had to be modified to integrate it seamlessly with Wordpress

* admin/modules/tools/system_health.php
* install/index.php
* install/upgrade.php
* admin/styles/zingiri: custom styles
* inc/wp-settings.php: path set in config.php
* inc/settings.php
* inc/config.php: force $settings['bburl'] with $_GET['zing']
* jscripts/thread.js: ajax request, pass full http
* wp-attachment.php

1) The author clearly says he (she) modified the MyBB 'inc/settings.php' file.
2) When you change a setting in MyBB's ACP that settings file is designed to be over-written, based on the database version.

Q) So, how would the plugin work then, once the file is over-written? Toungue
A) Whatever was changed in 'inc/settings.php' could be "done the right way" (i.e through the AC Panel), so then the plugin might function much better long-term.

To Answer Your Question:
...Okay I know this is already possible because it works at my site...
  • Yes, if it works now, then it could also do what you want.

"Separate from Wordpress" = different folders = different cookie settings & probably changing a few file paths "somewhere".

FYI: This type of challenge is exciting-for some people-and can take a huge amount of time.

// Tons of fun when it actually works. Smile