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Full Version: Looking for ad spots.
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Im looking for ads spots for and . If you have an ad spot please post here your site and location

Where will ad be placed:

EDIT!: I will be paying for these ad spots!
Just wondering, would you be willing to pay for these?
Yes sorry i didnt mention that!
I have a spot on my header & footer :
Alright can you contact me on msn [email protected] ill like to discuss it.
You can contact me on my forum on the chatbar , i dont have msn installed right now Wink, im online at the moment.
If you want I'm willing to give ad spots on the header, footer or postbit of

I added you on MSN so we can talk. Big Grin
I also can give you a spot on my site, just send me a pm if youd like.
Why not grab an ad-spot on Dynaxel angel?
Jessie you never on i wanted to talk to you about that.
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