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I'm interested in buying a MyBB Theme. I'm unsure as to why I want on it yet so if you can post some examples of themes you've done so it will give me a better idea. You can also let me know how much you charge if I want to hire you.

I'm a designer... but the MyBB theme and template system is too complicated.
I personally recommend Audentio, they have designed an excellent theme for me in the past all for about $100.
I'll consider them but I'll still wait and see if anyone else replies.
I second Audentio, order from Damion if you can.
You can send me a pm if youd like.
(01-09-2011, 04:18 AM)JonathanP Wrote: [ -> ]You can send me a pm if youd like.

You cannot send messages to JonathanP because you're not on their buddy list.
Sorry about that, i thought i changed that, try now.
Sent, cheers.
I`m interested too. Smile

If you like to see my MyBB Theme then visit:

some of my XenForo Themes can be found here:

if you like you can send me a PM.
I would recommend Cheaper than most, but his themes are excellent.
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