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Full Version: We RuNn ThiS Network
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Hello, I am CEO & Founder of a clan network, we are running Mybb as our forum software, and using it's setting to adjust page permissions on our homepage / other pages.. Let me know what you guys think! And join if you like Smile
Your usage of capital letters is horrible.
What usage of capital ? the We RuNn ThiS?? That's the name if so.
Really liking the front page theme. Big Grin
Hey, looks interesting! But sort out some of your text, some of it is incorrect and that's not usually good if you're trying to uphold professionalism on your site =)
If anyone is talking about the We RuNn ThiS bit it's how we spell out name. And thanks everyone for the kind words Smile
Anyone else give their input?
Tried to visit it but it slowed my browser to a halt.
Yes loads really slowly.
Your site is okay looking. Maybe edit the forum theme a little.
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