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Full Version: omg this is my worst nitemear is it even fixable :(
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i was making my forum still that i have been working on for over 5 days now and i went in to make groups and stuff and when editing them i made a owners one for me but when i went into admins i accidentally made it to where the admins cant access the admin panel so now all i can be is a mod and their is no one else on the forum due to it being new
is their a way i can fix this HuhConfused
Wow... Unless someone knows more than me (a VERY distinct possibility), I'm not sure it can be fixed. You may have to redo it from scratch. Next time, don't touch the admin privileges.
im the owner so i have to tocuh to reconfigure and their has to be some way omggg
It is fixable, you just need to run a SQL query. Wait for someone that knows MySQL to come in here.
do you know how or anything online now?
i was hoping to get it done tonight
(01-09-2011, 06:56 AM)antman07 Wrote: [ -> ]thanks
do you know how or anything online now?
i was hoping to get it done tonight

That I know of, no one online at this moment knows MySQL. I wish I could help you more but I can't. Sorry.
ok are you sure that this is fixable?
and i know like how to change servers and all that lol Big Grin
Amazing that his can even happy for an admin. There are built in protections for the super admin (normally uid 1) but I guess not the admin group.

This is a very dirty fix but try it.

Open admin/index.php

Alter this line:
if($mybb->usergroup['cancp'] != 1 || !$mybb->user['uid'])

To this:

Now see if you can access admincp. If you can then quickly go in and edit the admin group then undo my changes immediately to the admin/index.php file.

Good luck.
omg it worked thank you so much i just changed the text back after changing it Big Grin