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Well this is a small web-hosting company I've set up and the customers are generally quite happy Smile

All of the packages are low cost and high quality (this week all packages are half-price!)

The order system is a little bugged at the moment, but I'm working on a new version.

Anywho, I'm posting here because the support boards are MyBB! I'm trying to decide on how the skin should be at the moment as I'm short on ideas for a web hosting support boards forum skin, but any ideas are welcome as the board is a little blue at the moment.

EDIT: Forgot to put link in LOL! and follow through the nav to the boards.
FYI, my site ( ) is hosted by him. As you can see, it's up 24/7, so it's good hosting.
That and 99% uptime guarenteed Smile
Yep, quite true. Big Grin