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Full Version: Add more fields to profile postbit.
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Hello everyone!

Well sorry for my English, cuz I'm not sure if they call it "Profile postbit"~
I captured it and u may see in my attachment.

Well. we have number of posts, thanks,etc...
I want to add some more fields, such as Address, Contact,...
So how to do this???

FYI, I'm using a horizontal postbit, not vertical one.

Thank you! Smile

Well I found the solution here
postbit_author_user is the template
Well ~ Sorry I dont get your answer and I might use the wrong word to describe what I wanted to say ~ But with the image, I think people will be able to get it clear.

How to do this, anyways?
Templates > postbit > postbit_author_user
Wow~ Thanks! I found it~ But don't know what to write into the template.. I'm new to myBB sorry~
For example, I've created a field called Hobbies. Now what should I type into the template Smile