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Full Version: Broken Resources Link
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Hi there,

I came across the resources section of the MyBB website. There was one thread that seemed to be very important but it is a broken link.

The original resource page is

Does any user know the updated url of these pages?

If not, can I have them asked one by one and be answered?
  1. Change the Admin Control Panel Directory
  2. Remove Version Numbers Completely from Public's Eyes
  3. Check and Update the Latest MyBB Version
  4. Setup .htaccess For Added Admin Control Panel Protection
  5. Backup Regularly
  6. Replace Copyright Text with an Image Version
  7. Change Database Prefix
  8. Disable Debug View
  9. Add Stringent Registration and Login Parameters
  10. Sign up to the MyBB Mailing List

(01-09-2011, 11:15 AM)chef Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:1. Change the Admin Control Panel Directory
4.Setup .htaccess For Added Admin Control Panel Protection

Can be sourced by this thread. But what about the others?
1. Edit in ftp your directory name of admincp then edit /inc/config.php to reflect that change
2. You can edit this in admincp. By default mybb doesn't display version number
3. You can check your version number in admincp
4. You can use this:
5. Backups can be done in admincp or your hosts control panel (cpanel or whatever)
7. Edit the inc/config.php for a database prefix change...if you have installed already you will need to edit all your table names. Instead of mybb_table you will do custom_table.
8. Disabling debug view is in admincp under settings but only admin can see debug so it's not worth changing imho
9. Not sure what that's already stingent with captcha but there are plugins for like signup questions...again...not worth it unless you are having big problems with spam
10. You can signup to the mailing list here (left side):

Originally answered by labrocca: