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Full Version: SLQ Calendar problem...
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I recently upgraded from the beta for 1.6 to 1.61. I didn't seem to have any problems with 1.6. I was trying to create a calendar and I keep getting this error:


It's not got the allowvideocode column, but this gets added in the 1.6 upgrade, you're saying you've not got any other SQL errors anywhere else...?? It's odd for one specific column not to be added.
Actually, I jut got the same error while adding a new catagory for my forum.
But you've not got any SQL errors when viewing forums or threads on the forum?? Because if these haven't got added it sounds like you've not run the upgrade script, but then you should be getting errors in other parts of the forum too...
No. I've been able to add to exhisting calendars. Maybe there are a bunch of other issues going on that I haven't noticed yet.

Is there an easy fix?
I used the updated the forum again using the updater, and everything seems to work now.