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Full Version: I'm selling my hosting account
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hey guys,
I have purchased an hosting account in september 2010 and now I want sale it if any one is ready to buy ..
I'm quiting because i didnot have time to manage my forum, as you can see

Details of hosting Account:

Disk Space = 10,000 Mb (10 gb)
Monthly Bandwidth = 250,000 Mb
Email Accounts = 50
Subdomains = 5
Addon domains = 5
FTP Accounts = 10
SQL Database = 10
Mailing List = 50
C panel Version = 11.28.64
PHP version = 5.2.9


[Image: 2dvvls0.jpg]

These are details and if you want to know any thing else please pm me.!!
I have buyed this in September after 20. So you have 9 months to use this and then you have to pay for next year.
This Account is from

I want to sale this Account in 10$.
The Real price is 19$/year..

If you are interested please pm me..!!

NOTE: Please don't make any unnecessary comment, if you don't like this then please be quite..!!
Sorry, hosting in this forum has to be MyBB specific hosting only.

Quote:Below are some examples of what can be advertised here:
  • (2) MyBB specific hosting or Multiforum style hosting which offers MyBB support

Advertising the following is explicitly prohibited:
We believe the following products are better advertised through other services such as eBay, Flippa or Digital Point forums.
  • Web hosting which does not meet the conditions of point (2)