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Full Version: Need a Partner - Mybb Resource Site
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I need a partner with the following qualities/experience (listed below) to help me with a Mybb resource site. I already have the domain, and hosting but other stuff I'd like help with. Such as planning out everything about the site, and marketing it and such.

  • Good coding plugins (bonus)
  • Good themer (bonus)
  • Can run a forum
  • Can speak good English
  • Can speak other languages (bonus)
  • Works well on a team
  • Can be on almost every day, helping
  • Has ran a successful forum before
Note: Bonuses are not required, but a big plus.

Just post here if you're interested. Feel free to list previous experiences, why I should choose you, and such. And, whoever looks good I'll send a PM to and then we can begin. Smile
I'm interested, i run my own site and i'm good at advertising and such, i'm a good themer, i speak good english, i can work well on a team, i can be on almost everyday, and im currently running a successful forum.
Do you have any examples of themes you've made?
Both themes are good, and I especially like the Jupiter one. You're hired! Smile

That jupiter one will probably come in a variety of colors.