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Full Version: 2 problems With (plz help me)
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I have 2 problem with my theme:

1.How can i move "Buddy List" in Header of right to left?

2. How can i fix width post bit in "Quote Mode"? (because it will drag out of theme!) plz give me script codes this width.

I put 2 images about my problems...

Please help me,
Thank you Wink
Honestly, this section isn't for customizing your theme. You're either going to have pay or find someone nice enough to do it for free. (Or you can learn XHTML and CSS) But no one will help you over here with this "problem".
1 - Change your theme from classic to horizontal.

2 - This would be some minor template edits in the header.

Admin > Templates & Style > Templates > **Your Theme** > Header Templates > header_welcomeblock_member
<a href="#" onclick="MyBB.popupWindow('{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/misc.php?action=buddypopup', 'buddyList', 350, 350);">{$lang->welcome_open_buddy_list}</a>

Move that to this code:
<span style="float:right;">{$lang->welcome_current_time}</span>

If you give me the link to your theme or an administrator account I could help you further.