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Full Version: How to properly add Meta Tags?
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How do I properly add meta tags to my forum, specifically the "description" and "keyword" meta tags? Also, how do I make it so that NOT EVERY PAGE of my forum uses those meta tags?

For example when you look at all my indexed pages here, you'll notice that they all have the same meta tag description.
for dynamic meta description on threads etc. you need a plugin (for example google seo).

for meta description on specific pages (such as index, portal) you can edit the main template of those sites (named index, portal, ...) and add it within the <head> tag there.

keywords are ignored by search engines because everyone spams them, so you don't need them. if you want keywords anyway, and want them to be the same on every page, use the headerinclude template
I believe Labrocca has a dynamic meta tag plugin @
Thanks for the fast help guys.