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Full Version: Multiple Quotes?
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So, i think it would be a nice feature if ya would be able to quote more than one post.
This feature is already used in invision board.

It works like this:
Before you answer on a thread, you select this posts you want tu quote. then you press on reply Smile

Would it be possible? Rolleyes
Yes, this would be nice. Like have little check boxes near the top right corner. What would be even better is if you can quote a post from ANOTHER thread and it will show a link near the quotes table going right to the post. You have no idea how many times I've quoted another post from a different thread and people didn't believe me, and when I did tell them which thread it was, they didnt' bother looking Rolleyes
I would say that this could be a nice feature
Sounds good.
Sounds good to me Smile
so, it seems that it would be a really good idea - but - is it possible to realize? Rolleyes
Orcdog Wrote:so, it seems that it would be a really good idea - but - is it possible to realize? Rolleyes

Im sure it is. Although i dont know the code, so to speak, the concept would be to allow the function to remain variable until the "add reply" is clicked. Bit more complicated than one quote, with no doubt Smile
Wow, this is definitely an old thread. It works with cookies, though, and is a simple implementation.
A suggestion is still a suggestion, over a period of time Wink (It sounds like a useful feature too)
The argument "another forum system has it" isn't a good reason to introduce it to MyBB. That said, I've used the multiple quote feature before and enjoyed it. It is a bit hairy to implement without JavaScript.
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